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Amazon Editor's Choice - Top Business Books of 2001
"...a highly entertaining, nimbly erudite screed..."

Borders Best Business and Investing Books of 2001
"Christopher Locke is Internet marketing's bad boy."

"...Locke’s argument cannot be dismissed lightly."
The Times (London) - Book of the Week, 30 December 2001

"...thought-provoking... a dead-serious book."
USA Today

"'ll enjoy many of Locke's potshots at business as it is done today..."
Knowledge@Wharton - The Wharton School

" of the foremost chroniclers of the information age..."
IEEE Spectrum

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eight miles high
gonzo marketing
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a debate with IBM's John Patrick

Bedtime for Gonzo

"It's okay.
spark to flame.
Jeneane Sessum
Reading Gonzo - Engaged

"A whirlwind tour of some of the better thinking on the
subjects of marketing, advertising, media and 'social
capital' to be found today... On [another] level,
Gonzo is a mythic tale of the reallocation of voice.
The power to speak that the giants of mass marketing
and mass media tore from us -- the rape of voice -- is
envisioned restored to us, the multifarious intelligences
of the Net."
Tom Matrullo
Frankenstein Reversed: Notes on Gonzo Marketing

"Count on Chris Locke to poke holes in much of the conventional
thinking that determines how companies relate to their markets.
In Gonzo Marketing, Locke takes on the mass-market mindset that
defines most big companies and prescribes a new and 'dangerous'
way for businesses to interact with customers. Smart and provocative,
this book belongs on the shelf of any businessperson looking for a
fresh point of view."
Harry C. Edwards, Editor Business & Investing section

"...the pros and cons of starting a chinchilla ranch in Tasmania...
Welcome to Gonzo Marketing."
Harvard Business Review

"His observations pass the 'so true I wonder why I didn't
think of it myself' acid test, which is refreshing given the
sad state of so many marketing titles these days."
The Industry Standard

"Puts a new spin on the age-old approach to marketing,
which says businesses need to establish common ground with
potential customers before they begin to try to sell
anything... [Locke's] theories are intriguing... [His]
avoidance of Internet advertising and embrace of community
involvement are refreshing."
Publishers Weekly

"Locke offers some solid ideas about forging new relationships
-- and plenty of attitude to go with them."
Fast Company

"Chris Locke is really creating trouble."
Tom Peters

"Get ready to be provoked, infuriated, and stimulated.
You'll be the wiser for it."
Don Tapscott
co-author of Digital Capital,
author of Growing Up Digital and
The Digital Economy, and
co-founder of Digital 4Sight

"Chris Locke maps out better than anyone else the profound
changes requiring us to shift to a very different marketing
model. The grand irony is that marketing has disconnected
businesses from their markets. Gonzo Marketing seeks to
reconnect them through conversations, stories and people.
Locke's passion and insight make Gonzo a delight to read."
John Hagel III
chief strategy officer, 12 Entrepreneuring
author of Net Gain and Net Worth

"Pink Floyd meets business: over-the-top, infuriating,
provocative, entertaining and always stimulating."
Charles Leadbeater
author of Living on Thin Air and
The Weightless Society

"Chris Locke is the real thing. If we'd paid attention to him
at the beginning of the Internet age, maybe the net wouldn't
be in the bad shape it's in today. It's not too late to listen
to him now."
Michael Wolff
columnist, New York Magazine
author of Burn Rate

"This is a book that needs to be read twice: once for the
enjoyment of the word play and the references, and again
to make sure you get the point. Chris Locke is engaging
(as always) and insightful (as always) and his ideas sneak
right up on you while he's entertaining you."
Jim Sterne
president of Target Marketing and
author of World Wide Web Marketing and
Customer Service on the Internet

"Gonzo Marketing is just as audacious and outrageous as I'd
hoped. But Locke also manages to sample enough material from
the leading strategists of traditional and non-traditional
marketing to ensure that his bold statements have to be taken
seriously. A remarkable achievement."
Bruce Kasanoff
author of Making It Personal

5 stars (46)

4 stars (31)

3 stars (63)

2 stars (11)

Unrated (16)